• Business analytics service is an integrated tool for market research and business competition analysis, as well as the analysis of products and services that are to enter a new market, handy also if we want to develop a business segment of the company in the online channel. As part of our activities we offer competition analysis in regard of the presence and commitment in the market, comparing offers on individual products and services, we suggest a number of different options for actions in the established time frame. Then we monitor the progress of the introduced changes. The actions suggested by us give the possibility to look at the activities of the local as well as global industry competitors. We study the market position of our Partner and the trading volume on the given products and services. This is an essential tool to plan and develop a strategy for the development of any company in the Internet. As part of our service we develop and provide a comprehensive report on the chosen aspects in the multidimensional approach.

    Tools we use include

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    Google Global Market Finder

    We analyze the occurrence of certain phrases and keywords in various countries of the world
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    Consumer Barometer with Google

    We examine the behaviour of internet users
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    Google Trends

    We measure the popularity of queries submitted to search engines eg. product-specific searches