• Adopted business model of a company is very important, because it determines how competitive and profitable the offer will be in the industry. In the given time frame, the strategy is crucial to the functioning of the business and its profitability. Our team is focused on both the careful analysis of the market and the business, as well as on our own experiences. Business model is designed on the basis of the data that we get from inside of the company, e.g. financial reports, financial forecasts, sales statistics, etc. To build a business model we use many different tools, such as for example Google Trends, Google AdWords or Google Insights. In our activities we concentrate on both maximising the profit, but we also pay attention to other aspects, important from the point of view of the business i.e. building the image of the company. We create each project with attention to the smallest details.

    Tools we use include

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    Business Model Canva (BMC)

    This tool is used to design prototype business models in organizations of all sizes.
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    Empathy Map

    A tool by which we build and define a target customer profile based on an in-depth analysis of preferences and behaviors.
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    Multidimensional business positioning tool used to connect to BMC.