• Analyses are integral part of any marketing efforts on the Internet. Thanks to the analyses we are able to estimate the efficiency of our operations. For analyses, we use mainly Google Analytics tool. It allows for a precise analysis of client’s www service in regards to visits, traffic quality, as well as the degree of site optimization. Insightful analysis allows us to see items that will help to increase the conversion rate (ROI) once changed. An indispensable part of our activities is a comprehensive approach to the implementation of analysis, in-depth conclusions and the preparation of the detailed reports on their basis. The subject to analysis are both client’s web page and the traffic. We also use "Click Maps" for analysis, through which we are able to track user behavior and popularity of individual sections of the web page. The constant monitoring and A/B testing allows us to maximize the potential of client’s web page, and increase ROI factor.

    Tools we use include

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    Google Analytics

    Free analytics tool, provided by Google. Allows for an in-depth analysis of the site traffic.
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    Google Search Console

    Tool designed for webmasters. It allows, among others to analyze search engine traffic.