• We integrate on many different systems, such as online stores, warehouse systems, CRM systems, sales management systems. Thanks to integration, we are able to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's operations. We integrate on the platforms of online stores, both in terms of online marketing and online sales, in marketplaces such as Amazon, Allegro, as well as with analytical tools such as Google Analytics. On the side of managing the online store and online sales, we use the BaseLinker online system. The BaseLinker tool is a key mode in managing online sales for the entire ecosystem, as it provides the ability to efficiently manage all processes from the sales, procurement, finance and sales documentation side. Such an integrated ecosystem of online store operation allows you to automate and simplify many activities. We approach each integration and adapt to the individual needs of the client.

    Tools we use include

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    Integration of the online store with ERP/MRP

    One of the basic integrations in e-commerce ensuring two-way communication in the field of order processing and generating sales documents.
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    Integration of the online store with the marketplace: Ebay, Amazon

    Connecting the online store with the Marketplace allows you to download orders from multiple channels to one system and manage them.
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    Integration of the online store with the ZOHO sales management system

    Sales management systems offer unique possibilities of concentrating orders in one place and managing them in the area of ​​receiving and processing orders, generating waybills, and sales documents for many channels at the same time.