• Optimization service applies to web pages, online stores and web services. Optimization actions conducted by us assume development of a comprehensive site status report on startup, then clues regarding what to improve, correct, what measures should be implemented. We focus on how to best maintain the quality of the website, so that it is search engine friendly and thus easy to discover for users. We are working on the site being as high in the ranking in respect to competing companies in the industry as possible. In our work we focus on good content, keywords and layout matching to your site, these activities always give quality and result in better "perception" of the service by the search engine algorithms. We focus on a consistent optimization work, which should bring qualitative effect in time, both for the user and search mechanisms.

    Tools we use include

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    Google Search Console

    This tool we use to manage the site from the back end.
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    Google Analytics

    A tool which we use for A/B tests on the site and for experimenting with content.
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    Visual Website Optimizer

    A tool through which we conduct advanced A/B tests for web sites.