• As part of our services regarding internet marketplaces, we offer comprehensive organization of e-sales activities on the largest e-commerce platforms on the Internet, both in Poland (Allegro) and globally (Amazon, Ebay). We are engaged in comprehensive development of sales strategy, the choice of products, content translation into foreign languages, preparation of sales templates in foreign languages, listing items for sale, monitoring the sales. As part of our services we do commercial advertising campaigns inside services, through paid advertising. We also take care of clients’ accounts, ensuring the competitiveness of the deals, the collection and verification of products for prices, etc. Sales activity in auction sites is a great tool both to extend the coverage by means of the new sales channel, as well as a good way to attract traffic to a website, brand recognition, and thus more likely to achieve the conversion.

    Tools we use include

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    Amazon Seller Central allows for selling in 5 national websites in Europe.
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    Is the complement of international sales strategy on the various European markets.
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    Our actions in sales services in Poland are done through Allegro.pl service.