• We run sales services on many different levels, from direct action up to the Internet. Depending on the issue we have to deal with: product/service/brand, we are trying to find the right path of development for the give sales goal. Our activities include both online stores, auction sites, as well as direct actions building leads i.e. the collection of industry contacts, telemarketing, direct contact by classified ad services etc. Sales service is one of four most important aspects of our business, we are aware that most of our clients carries a trade business, therefore focusing on generating the conversion is so important for us. In our activities we focus on analytical work, so as to get familiar with the client, product, shopping path and after-sales services, to recognize the whole process. This gives us the ability to implement the expectations of our customers properly.

    Tools we use include

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    Online stores

    The primary online sales channel in our service activities.
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    Auction sites

    Services where we sell a selected range of products for our customers.
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    Direct sales

    We build leads and contact base for future acquisitions and the sale of products.