• Consulting service covers a wide range of advice from e-marketing, as well as in terms of doing business on the Internet. We advise on many aspects of running one’s own business at every stage of its life. Our main goal is a steady increase in conversion in the subsequent months of cooperation, while maximizing return on investment. For our clients we provide constant care throughout the duration of the cooperation, as well as after its completion. By consulting, we take into account many factors, e.g. the market situation, competition, the current stage of development of e-business, e-traffic, existing factors and sales statistics. Providing consulting service, we use tools such as Google Analytics, ClickHeat and Brand24. The tools allow for an in-depth analysis of website traffic, which enables you to determine the current situation and to direct subsequent marketing activities. Our range of advice covers all aspects of your online business, we rely both on the available data, as well as our many years of experience in the industry.

    Tools we use include

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    Google Analytics

    A tool that we use to an in-depth analysis of the data.
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    We use to study the behavior of users on the Web site.
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    A tool for multidimensional analysis of the brand, the product all over the Internet.