• Internet Marketing service includes a wide range of activities, both in general brand/service promotion on the Internet, as well as specific actions focused on specific tools: Hootsuite, based on social media marketing, as well as focused on specific locations for example Google search engine, through a system of Google Ads contextual advertising (SEM). We are working on extensive contact databases so as to maximize the range, using the tools like Freshmail. As part of our activities we offer the development of a comprehensive strategy, presented in the opening report. We perform in-depth analysis of the capabilities and the tools available. In our work we use the maximum set of verified implementations of brand/service promotions in the internet channel, so as to achieve synergy.

    Tools we use include

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    A tool that we use to conduct an advanced email marketing campaign.
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    Google Ads

    Advertising system that we use to promote on Google search and on partnering websites.
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    A tool by which we conduct marketing activities in social networks.