• The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service is an integrated set of marketing activities, focused on the most popular search engines, based on the so-called. contextual advertising. The basis for activities in the scope of SEM is Google AdWords. We create, implement and monitor marketing campaigns aiming for the highest possible conversion resulting from our activities, and to maximize the indicators i.e. CTR, CR. Our activities also focus on optimizing the budgets and rates of each campaign, groups, or individual ads. A significant factor in our work is proper selection of keywords, and then the appropriate setting of rates for each click on your ads to maximize conversion, while optimizing the advertising budget. We act within the advertising network and among partners, using all the available advertising formats including display or video.

    Tools we use include

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    Google advertising System through which we run campaigns on Google search.
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    Bing Ads

    Microsoft advertising System through which we run campaigns on Bing search.
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    Google Search Console

    A tool to provide data on users' queries by keywords.